We have Aberdeenshire’s largest fleet of Segway X2’s; these rugged yet easy to manage off-road machines are the best Segways available.

There are some rules to use the Segways, firstly you need to be aged 11 or over and weigh over 45kg (7 stone) and under 117kg (19 stone) and You need to be able to step on and off the Segway without assistance and stand on your feet for up to an hour. For our Birthday parties and School Activity sessions, which are run only on a flat surface, we can allow from 9 years old upwards and from 35kg upwards.

So the fun part, how does the Segways work?

The machines have 5 inbuilt gyroscopes, 2 accelerometers and motors that work to keep itself upright and balanced, very technical and clever which make them a unique experience to travel on. They have a top speed of 12 mph, but will be restricted to about 5 mph whilst off road and training.

By moving your weight forward or backwards you control the speed of the Segway and tilt the lean-steer column and you can change direction. All very simple and intuitive, as we say, get on, get going.

Don’t worry if you don’t pick it up straight away as we will give you all the instruction you need and you will be escorted by an instructor at all times.

During the tour, you will experience the training area, the trek around the park, off-roading and the descent of a shallow set of steps.